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Recent History

Lucy Yan Chairman Chief Executive Officer and Interim Chief Financial Officer

Ms. Yan has over 20 years of experience in the finance, investment, construction and mining fields. She was an accountant for a large Chinese corporation that was involved in numerous national scale projects within China where she was directly responsible for the corporation’s financial affairs, human resources and administrative work, as well as coordination of internal and external resources to facilitate the company’s operations. Ms. Yan has extensive expertise in the fields of corporate finance, mergers and acquisitions, building of management teams and corporate governance.

Lifei Jiang  Vice President of Operations

Mr. Lifei Jiang has over 20 years of experience in market development, project management, and public relations, specifically in the African continent. Prior to joining Axmin in 2013, Mr. Jiang worked with a number of Chinese funds and corporations working in infrastructure, construction and mining projects located in in Guinea, Mali, Chad, Algeria, and the Central African Republic. Mr. Jiang is proficient in Chinese, English and French.

Boubacar Sidibe 

Boubacar Sidibe joined Axmin Inc. in December 2011 and is currently the Country Representative.

He has a background in Information and Computer Technology/Instrumentation engineering and prior to join Axmin Inc., he worked with Avnel Gold Mining Limited, IAMGOLD which provided him with extensive experience and a comprehensive knowledge and understanding of various industries and sectors such as mining projects through all stages of development from exploration, feasibility studies, financing, construction, commissioning and operations.

He has invaluable experience in managing projects, resources, and staff in an effective and efficient manner in challenging environments with over 11 years.